Adapt ■ Motivational Video

adapt ■ Motivational video

Edited by me

spoken by : me

music is royalty free : https://world wide

All footage is licensed by creative commons :

This can be a commentary I made

I frequently see people awaiting that excuse just to stop

and quit

and never feel below par about themselves

OOh I’ve got a kid now , I haven’t got time for you to workout any longer

ooh I’ve a lot happening , I can not consider an eating plan , I can not visit the gym

I am busy working , I haven’t got time for you to grow my very own business in order to read a magazine

and also the list goes oon and so on

I am talking about they are good quality excuses

it isn’t their fault

not a chance

that’s bullshit

because in case you really need it

you need to adapt

you need to come around it

I’ve kids and responsibilites ? ok , I’ll workout when my kid is asleep

I wish to read a magazine , okay , I’ll make that certain hour before going to sleep for studying rather of social networking

I’ll wake up an hour or so earlier to create my meals and stay with my diet

there’s always a method to achieve what you would like

however it s your decision if you wish to go completely and make it

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