Mat Fraser’s CrossFit Diet: Everything You Want to Know


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01:00 Pad Fraser’s calorie consumption

02:35 Pad Fraser’s method of macros

03:03 Pad Fraser’s primary carb source

04:10 When Fraser attempted Paleo

05:00 Fraser’s sample meals (you may make!)

05:24 Why Fraser stopped eating a nightly pint of frozen treats

06:20 Pad Fraser’s daily supplements

07:12 Why Fraser takes BCAAs

08:00 How Fraser designed their own supplement

10:08 Fraser’s CBD supplements

Pad Fraser is among the most dominant #CrossFit athletes ever, getting won the Games four consecutive occasions from 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

We spoke to him to understand everything we’re able to about his diet strategies through the CrossFit season: his calories, #macros, #supplements, and much more.

Listed here are 4 supplements he adopts every single day:

* Whey protein protein

* Pre workout


* #CBD

Discover the shocking truth to understand why!

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